How To Choose The Perfect Handbag For You?

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You must see that wherever there’s a woman. There’s a handbag. You can’t imagine a woman without a handbag, yes, this is true. It’s like an attached part of our body which does reflect your personality and standard of living. Do you believe a perfect handbag will change your total appearance? What do you think? Puzzled?

A nice handbag reflects your personality. Choose the right bag is very difficult sometimes. So far I know most of the women got stuck for a while once they buy a bag. You would always need to try to choose an opposite shape of your body. A plus size woman need to chose this bag which is tall and rectangular. Long square, rectangular bags will show your appearance nicely.

Perfect Handbag For Women

Fashion always been changing and in the shopping mall you observe many styles, brands from there you can choose your perfect one. Don’t take much tension about this.  Here I have come here to give an idea about choosing the perfect bag for you.

Shape Vs Handbags

Tall and thin: If you are tall and thinner than choose large size handbags or shoulder handbags as it will make your looking nice. Just avoid short handbag as it will change your look taller more.

Curvy Figure: Being a wavy figure just avoid the shoulder handbag. The medium size bag is perfect this type of figure.

Large hips

If you have a large hip, then chose short strap as it can be hung easily under arms. A shoulder handbag hangs slightly which makes your hips better and attractive.

Heavy TopsAre you thinking with your large tops as which bag will be suited with you? It has also solution. You can use shoulder bag, but choose this with long strap and large size.

I know that my or your handbag is essential for both. It is holding your all necessary things and it is the important part of you. But you can see some women that it is their hobby to buy a hand bag more and just collect this. I also in that same group. And I always expect appreciation from others.

Handbags Secrets:


Safety pins and a sewing kit feature in many women’s handbags for using last minute quick fix if a button falls off.Or if your skirt gets an unexpected rip.Brush, grips, body spray,bands, gel, all keep us looking our best. Also keeping compact is a must if you’re going to check in and take a fresh look at what your face and hair is done.Tissues and ipod also included.


Women are more conscious than men aware of their well being and having items such as blister pack pain killers,hand sanitizer, wet wipes ,etc.The main purpose to keep this is being clean and comfortable.


You know that no matter you look nice or bad you need to take care of how you look and a countless of handbag-sized beauty essentials are filling our handbags. Lip-gloss and lipstick and keep your lips in shape. Mat paper for oil absorbing keep your oil-free on hot summer days.


This universal truth that every woman keeps chewing gum, mint in their bag to keep their breath fresh. Also chocolate, apple, snacks many women keep this.

Some additional but important tips for you once you buy a handbag:


• Once you will go to the shop just take time in a store to try on handbags in front of a mirror

• Don’t be attracted by latest styles that don’t suit your figure: there are lots of great alternatives and one will be right for you. Think style rather than fashion in this case.

• Just think lifestyle as well and make your handbag, practical.

• Always be mindful of the seasons. When time to come changing your handbag out for the season, you need to place theses is a breathable dust bag for protection, so that when the seasons change again you will be ready to go on a minute’s notice.

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